I've got nothing!

When other bloggers say that they are stricken with a lack of material, I'm always quite surprised. Life just throws you SO many topics and things to talk about - how could anyone ever run out?

But now I get it. I've only been blogging consistently for about three weeks, and I've already run out of interesting fodder to share. So I thought, instead, I'd share with you the links to some of my favourite blogs in the world, because they're awesome and I like the spread the wealth!

The Art of Doing Stuff
Karen is hilarious. Those who live in Ontario may recognize her from different shows she has been on in the past - this lady was a host way back in the day, and she's still entertaining through her blog - and oh man, is it great! You can find answers to so many of life's questions by reading Karen's blog. It's kind of uncanny! A little of this, a little of that; Karen really knows how to meet the needs of a broad audience, and she's amazingly hilarious, so it's even better! Check her out!

Filing Jointly ... finally
Lauren is a woman after my own heart. I do believe we're going to be best friends in the whole wide world. This is because she a) Married HER Ryan after being with him for ten years, b) Is highschool sweethearts with her Ryan, c) sings songs to herself because she's awesome and d) is hilarious (I'm hilarious, too! Proof is right here). GO READ THIS BLOG! She's incredibly real, and her stories and anecdotes are awesome. You'll love her!

Stories about my Underpants
Another amazing blog! Becky is sooooooo funny - I don't know whether it's just her unique spin on things or whether her life is just a little wacky or what it is exactly, but man, she can tell a story! I love this blog because it makes me giggle - exactly what the doctor ordered! Her writing style is so matter-of-fact and her own - maybe this is why I have writer's block! I can't compete!

Read these blogs, people. This is my gift to you! A lot of awesome in each post - and they update frequently so it's super fantastical!

I'll be back with some fun stuff to read (hopefully).

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