Doe, a dear - Patti's Recap Part VIII

So, back to the recap. For anyone who wants to catch up, you can find the other million parts below:

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In the event that you haven't noticed before... I'm long winded.

So! Last time we chatted, I had just went on a rampage writing up a storm about the webpage that I created for our wedding. That's not really very interesting, in retrospect, but then, this post probably won't be, either. That's okay, though! Just preparing you for later!

I had designed the wedding website, and the Save-The-Dates, which worked out awesome for me because, since, in my mind, those pieces weren't as crazy intimidating as the actual invitation, it meant that I was inspired to make some more fun pieces.. like Stag and Doe tickets..

Again - I didn't have a photo. So I (very poorly) mocked one up, just for you!
A lot of people don't know what Stag and Does are. And a lot of other people think they're tacky. Some people call the Buck and Does, some people call them Jack & Jills, and did you know that lesbian Stag and Does are called Jill Does?


In this part of the world (Ontario), a Stag and Doe is a fundraising party of sorts. Weddings are expensive (surprise, surprise), and a lot of people want to support the new couple-to-be, including those who aren't expecting an invitation (like colleagues, high school friends, acquaintances, etc.). Typically, you would rent a hall and then people buy tickets to get into this killer party. There are door prizes, raffle prizes, games and cheap booze. And the best thing of all is that a Stag and Doe is like the biggest craziest most fun party ever, because you a) don't have to be dignified, like at a wedding, b) are encouraged to drink because it means you'll spend more money and c) YOU CAN WIN COOL PRIZES and d) anyone can come! It's a hell of a time, and I was so excited for ours!

In some necks of the woods, people think it's weird because the purpose of the Stag and Doe is, after all, to fundraise towards the Big Day. I say it's awesome - it's cheaper than a night out at the bar, and you're supporting your friends in the process.

Which reminds me.. can someone please get married soon? I want to go to a Stag and Doe!

See, I'm the girl deer and Ryan is the guy. Get it? We love each other. This is a poster I put up at work - they were incredibly supportive, and man, can my coworker HUSTLE!
Our Stag and Doe was a blast - we had an amazing turnout, and there are some pretty terrific photos floating around on facebook involving my future (at the time) husband and this sexy costume:

I've got my eye on you.

But I'm going to spare him from sharing those badboys. He was a good enough sport, and I'd like to stay married, if at all possible.

We knew that we had our work cut out for us - stay tuned for the story of how theGuy and I thought it would be a great idea to build a letterpress, design invitations, learn how to letterpress and press 100 double-sided invitations, rsvp cards and reception cards. It's amazing that we made it down the aisle! hah!

Happy Thursday! One more sleep 'til weekend!

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