Music to my Ears

I am so totally cheating - I made this before Christmas! tsk tsk!
Okay. So I'm trying something new here; a different blog editor. We'll have to see how it goes.

Either way, I totally cheated today - I've got some other stuff in the works so the daily design challenge for today rests in the scribbles in my notebook at work. But here's a little something I did - and a show you should really go see!

Rich Burnett is a super talented musician. His voice is warm and clear; his music is calming and beautiful. This poster was created for the CD release party he is having with the talented Michael Holt. I'm hoping to do more work for them in the future; normally I wouldn't want there to be quite so much copy, cd artwork and two photos - but, you know how it is - it's all about making the client happy! So this is what I came up with the merge the two different types of music in an organized kind of way.

And have you seen the featured guests? Lots of talent there!
Happy Tuesday! Wish it was Friday... it's going to be a long week!

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