She keeps going and going and going..

Life is busy! Do I ever wish that I was like an energizer bunny! Or at least one of the toys that seem to last forever in a Duracell commercial. I always liked Duracell the best, but now, quite frankly, it's all Energizer for me. Have you ever noticed how quickly wireless mice and keyboards eat batteries? They're like little energy sucking monsters. They eat through my batteries so fast, I think the blinking "battery life low" is part of my OS design. Energizer batteries seem to last a little wee bit longer, which helps me and my levels of frustration. Oh yeah. Anyway. That's quite a tangent about nothing. I basically am just rambling on. The purpose of this is for me to say - wow. Do I ever wish there were more minutes in the day, more hours to utilize, and for me to be battery powered. I'd use Energizer. Then if I got tired, I could just pop open my mid-section (or maybe my battery pack access would be in the bottom of my foot! That'd work), and pop in a fresh set of batteries. Even if they were rechargeable, I'd get more than one - so that they could charge while I ran around wearing out the juice of the other one. That'd be neat. Imagine if you could duplicate yourself, so that you had one of yourselves on a docking station charging up for the next use. Awesome.

And the purpose of all that is to say, well, hmm.. how am I ever going to get people interested in a blog that I rarely and infrequently update? That sucks. If one of my favourite bloggers goes MIA for a DAY I just don't know what to do with myself. Then again, people like Dad Gone Mad are more entertaining than me anyway. And I'm not feeling sorry for myself, they're super talented! When I found Dad Gone Mad, it was like crack! I went years back in the archives, totally addicted! Note to self - next time you get caught up in a blog, go to the start and read forward; imagine trying to read a book backwards.. it doesn't have the same climactic effect!

And so, I apologize, if there is someone out there lurking about looking for a post. Here you go!

Batteries? No! Try SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS!!!!!!!! Cool, eh? Found on the always inspiring Lovely Package, these puppies were designed by Antrepo. Neat idea, eh? They're the same size as a D battery and even indicate how full they are with their "power indicators" on the side. Awesome.

Hope you like!

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