That Thom, Thom, Thom, Thom, Thom!

I was thinking - if there is a weekday that is awesome, even though it's a work day, and not including Friday, because that's the weekend - well, it would be Wednesday. It's kind of like a little pet that is, you know, something to be looked after and everything, but is boundless with positive vibes and wonderful things to experience. Wednesday is totally the best pet of the workdays. Yep.

Thom Yorke. Not the most handsome devil in the world, but talent which exceeds that of a 'normal' being. Radiohead's awesome, and Thom is, too!
For the Grammy's this year TWBA \ Chiat \ Day created this beautiful poster, as well as some others. Beautiful, inspiring, creative.. just like the music of Thom and Radiohead, alike!

Hope you enjoy it - Happy Hump Day!

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