Today is one of those days. Sometimes it feels like for every step forward that you take, you end up taking 3 steps backwards. In this time of messed up economies and the drizzle of dread that has been surrounding 2009 so far, I suppose I'm not alone in feeling this way!

I love deviantART. It's a great source for inspiration, and to see what people are doing! There is a LOT of talent at deviantART, and most of the people are doing it just for the sheer satisfaction of creation. That's the best kind. So, I stumbled upon the photo above when I searched "anger" at deviantArt, because, I was angry. And then I came across the beautiful gallery of Protogeny, the one that took the above photo. That made me feel better, at least a little.

So here I go, heading off for my afternoon nap. Hopefully this year will start to turn around for everyone! In the meantime, why don't you take a stroll to deviantART and let me know what YOUR favourite galleries are!

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