Tasty, tasty!

Ryan and I had a lovely weekend earlier on (before the summer DIED! Oh wait .. it never really got here, did it? But that's another topic..) where we got to enjoy a friend's cottage in style.
Ryan and I spotted this beauty on the shelf.  Packaging does work, people - because Ry is faithful to his Jack - even has a JD hat (two, actually) - but this puppy just couldn't be left on the shelf!

This was purchased soley based off of it's appearance - as we'd never tried it or anything. It looks classic, yet modern - and it really appealed to Ryan! It was more money than JD - but he decided to try it anyway. The seal looks like wax but it's really some sort of rubber. I like the kraft paper and typography. Puuuuurday.

These babies have been catching my eyes for a while now - and not to be outdone by Ryan's fancy bottle - I decided I'd give 'em a whirl. They were not only yummy, but so beautiful! I had to get two of them because I liked both designs so much, and didn't want one flavour to feel left out. I love how fresh these look. Verrry nice!

Nothing's better than having a drink that doubles as an accessory!


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