Nice stuff!

This little beauty caught my eye, so I though that I would put it up here. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this whole blog business, but I've been reading a lot of really awesome blogs lately that have been inspiring me like crazy - and through my travels, have been finding things that I want to stockpile. So maybe this will be a vault for myself, or maybe this will be something that will add a little inspiration to someone else's day.

Either way, enjoy!

This pretty piece was created by Matthew Matsuoka. Love it! I'm totally loving the textured look that I'm seeing around these days - I hope that I get an opportunity to use some of it in my design work sometime soon!



  1. Hey Patti, are you planning to post some of your designs on this here blog?

    Please note, that it would be boss if you did.

  2. Hey Chris!

    I think that could be arranged! :) Glad you'd like to see some. If my memory serves me correctly - I believe I owe you a little something in the land of design. That is, if you're Butcher! :)

  3. Well, no... I'm not Chris Butcher. I haven't seen him in years! Though, I'd deffinately allow you to do some design werk for me! Save me having to do it... That would be keen! The name's Puffer.

  4. :) Hey - while I'm doing your design work - want to do mine? :)

    When do I get to see some of your work? :

  5. I guess maybe we should grab a beer sometime, and sort out some details... Cool?


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