Welcome to the F Month

My  mother-in-law once told me that February is the "F-Month" because it's so effing depressing. F&@%!

She's absolutely right. February is sandwiched in the middle of the optimism of a New Year and fresh beginning, and the hope of March that perhaps it will go out like a lamb. In February, the optimism just isn't there.

Sure, Valentine's Day is cool and everything, but I'm not in love with cinnamon and those boxes of chocolates usually only contain one piece of the good kinda (hazelnut) and then the rest are weird and end up sitting in the box, gooey, after I've taken a bite out of them, hoping for hazelnuts, and then quickly returned them to the box because that pink stuff inside is weird, and what is it supposed to be, anyway?

Plus, the price of flowers is astronomical at Valentine's Day, and really, they should be giving away flowers as a public service in February because a lot of us forget what plants look like.

So, anyway - it's the F Month - which means that most of us are pretty much trapped in the monotony of waking up to very little sunshine, bundling up like we live in the Arctic to go to work, coming home in the dark, making dinner, snuggling on the couch, rinse & repeating. Not much to report, and my brain isn't working correctly due to lack of vitamin D, so this is why I've been not so great at posting like a pro.

What do you do to beat the winter blues that set in during the month of February? Tips? Tricks? I feel like candy could be a winning idea. I'll post my favourites (if I get responses) on the blog later this week. A February survival guide for all of us who are working through this F&*@(**&$ month!

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