Too legit to quit

This weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating my little brother's 26th birthday. Which made me be all " haha! You're getting old " and then made me realize I am, too, but that's kind of exciting because I feel like old people are either super cantankerous, or sweet and lovely. I'm cool with either, really.

A few things of the party pop out at me, and mostly because they're moments from the beginning of the night, before I got my dance on to Meatloaf and decided I just had to perform Killing me Softly for all the boys, along with about 5 other girls, crooning at the top of their lungs. The boys were totally impressed. We're so hot.

One of the things that pops out at me is.. woah. My little babies are growing up! My sister and brother - the babies of the family, the ones whose diapers I changed.. the ones who would "get into" my stuff (Babester, I will never forgive you for smearing nail polish all over my bedspread, yo), the ones who I'd be all like "mooooooommmmm. Make them leave me and my friends alone! They're so embaaarrrrrasing", they're like, legit young adults. For real.

Turbo shocked me, because dude has game! You should've seen his "not-a-girlfriend" who he brought to the party (Turbo.. we all know she's your girlfriend. Oooohhh. Cooties!). She totally looks like a Seventeen model, and she's super nice (she was the only sober one amongst a pile of Adair non-sobers, and she stayed until five in the morning, and then graciously drove a bunch of us home. Like a responsible adult. Unlike me.

The Babester is also all growed up (I mean, the girl lived in Spain by herself, for like.. a million months. She's travelled the world and knows other languages.. she's way more cultured than I am), even though I know she was just dying for a Cabbage Patch Kid theme song duet, and she was asking me for some recipes. Because I'm the queen of yummy recipes. Then she said "Oh, I guess I can read them on your blog." And I realized, it's been a while since I posted a recipe. So I'm going to share one with you this week. Just for the Babester.

And Dan-Dan-The-Diving-Man.. well, he was the guest of honour. My annoying little brother, who used to make his Ninja Turtles beat up Diddy & my Barbies... who taped over part of my coveted New Kids tape with the sound of a toilet flushing.. he's 26!

The little boy who so badly wanted to play with "The Big Kids", he would allow us to call him "Danielle" and give him makeovers. When my neighbours and I pretended to have a business, he played the roll of "Janitor" for two summers. That little boy, who threw temper tantrums like nobody's business.. he's all growed up, too! And of course he is - he's an amazing dad (his daughter is absolutely the cutest little girl in the world, and I dare you to bet me a million dollars on this because I will win and then I will be rich and that would be FANTASTIC - so just dare me), he owns his house, and he's getting married this year! He's responsible, intelligent, witty and insightful.. he turned out pretty good, if you ask me!

But, as I dole out all these compliments to my younger siblings, I just want to point out - I am older than you, so I am always the coolest. Just sayin'.

Happy Monday, folks!

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