A letter to Hershey's

Last night, I picked up a new kind of mint. I don't know why I'm always doing this - I'm typically a gum gal, and I never find the exact mint I'm looking for, so it's really just a waste.

These are the mints I got:

I had one today, and decided that the only logical thing to do was to promptly email the company and tell them what I thought. So I did. And this is it:


My name is Patti Adair, and I just wanted to send you my feedback on your new IceBreakers Frost product.

I'm a big fan of other IceBreakers products - you must have magical elves in order to cram that much flavour into such a tiny treat! As a huge candy fan, I adore your Sours line - all the punch of a sugary treat, with way less calories. It's like angels dancing on my tongue every time I enjoy one of your Sours.

Yesterday, your new Frost line caught my eye. Hmm. Could this mint offer everything this candy connoisseur requires? I wasn't born yesterday, and I've had my share of minty experiences. Could IceBreakers really measure up?

Well, congratulations, Hershey's - you've done it again. This mint is seriously the best mint I have ever had in my life. I'm going to have another one right now, so I can describe it to you!

Not your typical mint, the rough exterior isn't what I first expected. But all those little grooves allow my tastebuds to explore the many mini facets found in this tasty peppermint. A slow savouring offers a continuous delight of cool, fresh mint in my mouth! And to crunch it is devine. Not only is this mint delicious, but this experience reminds me of what it would feel like to ride through the clouds on a silver unicorn. Fresh, airy and absolutely magical.

Hershey's, you’re the shizzle. You've got a customer for life. Thanks for giving me the best minty-fresh breath imaginable. I will never settle for any other kind of mint.

Have a wonderful day, and pat yourself on the back. And pop a mint. You'll be glad you did!

Patti Adair

This was totally not a paid review. Unless you count the fact that I paid for the product, and then reviewed it, so I guess that would be paid but the wrong way around. This was just me being all like "holy crap, I've never in my life had a mint this delicious in my life." And why not let them know? I bet the person who has to read those emails is so sick and tired of hearing complaints, they hate their life. Why not add a little whimsy to their day? They certainly added it to mine!

EDIT: Some people on Amazon talked about how these like.. burned their mouths and hurt their throat - which is really weird, and people - man up. You need more sriracha in your life if you think these badboys are 'hot'. And then, I found this review on Amazon, and it kinda made my day:

2.0 out of 5 stars How Can I Describe The Sensation??, August 28, 2012
This review is from: Ice Breakers Frost Mints, Peppermint, 1.2-Ounce Containers (Pack of 12) (Grocery)
When I pop in an Ice Breaker's Frost Mint, I get the sensation... OF BEING ON A FROZEN MOUNTAINTOP!!!

It's been about two weeks now since I made the tragic choice to bite into an Ice Breakers Frost peppermint, and still I haven't made any progress in finding my way out of these blasted mountains. The only food I have is the rest of this pack of Ice Breakers Frost peppermints, which, unfortunately, when I eat one, keeps bringing me right back up to the top of these mountains. They are just TOO. DANG. REFRESHING. I think? I saw a sherpa once? but it could have been the statue I made out of the mints, out of desperation for some company, as I'm getting so awfully lonely. My only consolation left in this world is that, should I not find my way out of these cursed mountains, I will leave this world with cool, fresh, minty, wonderful breath. Please, tell my family that I love them, and, if they chose to eat Frost Mints, they should first tether themselves to something extremely heavy, lest they, too, get whisked away to some frozen mountaintop.... like me.....  

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