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I asked the Babester if she would send me the beautiful speech that she wrote for theGuy and I and our wedding (she was our foxy, foxy Maid of Honour), and she did. Re-reading it, I absolutely love it, and I think that it's content worthy because it shares more of who I am with you, as well as just how awesome and hilarious my family is. We rule. Especially the Babester.

Plus, then I don't have to think of something to write today. I should probably pay her for this. Except that I don't get paid, so whatevs!

It's long, because we Adairs know how to gab! Also - she was trying to summarize a heck of a lot of person into a 5 minute speech.

"Hi everyone, first off I would like to introduce our hunky and handsome Groomsmen - [names deleted to protect the innocent].  I want to welcome everyone and thank you all for being here to spend this special day with us.  Patti, you look absolutely radiant –I can’t imagine a more beautiful blushing bride – and Guy – you’re looking a like stud muffin as usual.

I’m standing up here for two reasons: first to congratulate Patti and theGuy on their amazing day –You Guys DID it! And secondly – with every speech there is a toast, and for those of you that know me, know that I will take any excuse to have a drink and share the wealth. But not so fast; the kicker is you have to listen to me first.

For those of you who don’t know me – I’m Katie, I’m not only Patti’s Maid of Honour, but I’m her bashful little sister, also described as her “baby”. Patti is 10 years my senior and from my first memory she has always surrounded me with love and affection. I’ve been her doll my whole entire life - from painting my nails for the first time when I was a toddler – to dressing me up in her clothes, doing my makeup and coaxing me on dance moves while she videotaped me lip syncing to Lisa Loeb’s single “Stay”. Why our music videos haven’t made it to MTV still shocks me to this day.

I used to leave my diary out for her to read, tell her about all the cute boys I met and cry to her when I was sad – and that was all by the time that I was in grade two. That being said, you can only imagine the growth our relationship has had as the years have moved forward.

Patti is one of the greatest sister’s a girl could ask for. She is known for her beauty, her wit, her kindness, her artistic talent and her big laugh. She’s the type of girl that steals the show when she enters a room with her beautiful smile. It hasn’t always been easy walking in her footsteps – but she showed me that it is okay to make my own path and follow my dreams. She showed me that it is okay to be opinionated and speak my mind...something that I’m sure she regrets. She is the epitome of what a Big Sister should be – always protecting, loving and caring for all of us Adair kids. I can’t imagine my life without her because she has shaped me into the person that I am today. For a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. It couldn’t have always been easy having a mini-me clung to her side.....mind you, I’m much cuter than Dr. Evil. 

We share a lot of similarities – some being our loud voices and uncontrollable laughter – we quite enjoy harmonizing while we sing the Cabbage Patch Kid song and leave us alone and we’ll find something annoying to do– after all, we are Adair girls... and heaven help theGuy when he has to put up with our antics. 

These are all great memories – and I could bore you for hours on end about all of our craziness – not only because we have so many stories, but in case you haven’t noticed...I really like to talk - but...a special memory, and my favourite memory, is one that I would like to share with you all today. 

It occurred on a beautiful spring day while Patti and I were walking to our childhood home, probably after a mall trip, when I was around 7 years old. But on this day, Patti started to describe this boy from school that she thought was really cute. He gave her butterflies. I giddily asked her to tell me more before we got home because a high school crush was the jackpot when you’re 7. Not to mention, my cool, teenage, big sister was telling ME a secret. Never, did it cross my mind that this mysterious boy, 12 years later, who my sister was crushing on hard, would be the man to marry my best friend, my sister, Patti.  Soon, theGuy became the most incredible jungle gym and later let me nearly crash his car on my first driving lesson when I was 16.  His presence in my childhood has been so significant, and I know it is safe to say, that all of us Adair kids can’t imagine our lives without him.  I have fallen madly in love with this man I call my Big Brother. Any applications to date me must be sent by mail or fax to theGuy or Dan, directly.   

I am beyond happy that you two have chosen to spend the rest of your lives together. Your love is of fairytales – it is brimmed with happiness and hardships, compromise and appreciation. I have grown up watching your love blossom and bloom into what it is today.  I strive to achieve the genuine love that you guys share with each other. I hope that one day I find my Guy and that I can be someone’s Patti. I have never met two people that I find are more perfect and meant for each other.  Thank you so much for letting me take a part in your love story, I know this one has a happy ending.

On that note, I ask for all of you to raise your hefty glasses – and take a big gulp out of your drink, because just like Radiohead says “True Love Waits”."

Toot! Toot!

A note to all - if you ever want to get a big ego boost because it's been a while - get married! Everyone says nice things about you, and the glow lasts for MONTHS!

Come home soon, Babester! I miss you! 


  1. THIS MADE MY DAY! You're the greatest human being in the UNIVERSE. Gosh darnit I miss and I love you! 11 sleeps until I'm home, 13 sleeps until I get to HUG and KISS you and giddily scream and be SUPER annoying! Bring the wine, sistah!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxoxooxxoxooxoxoxxooxxo
    Thank you for this <3

  2. Awwww! Thank YOU, Katie - you wrote it! And you're awesome and hilarious, also, so that made it even more blog worthy!

    I can't wait to see you! It's going to be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!


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