Miley Cyrus is one tough broad.

Happy Friday, people!

I don't drive, so I commute home from work with a lot of walking, and some bussing. People watching is the best thing to do on public transit. It's highly entertaining, and you never know what you're going to see. No one makes eye contact on the bus, so you can get away with it by employing some stealthy tricks. I AM THE MASTER.

Don't turn your head in their direction and stare! Peek out of the corner of your eye so that it's not obvious in the spied upon's peripheral vision. I have spent a lot of time mastering this technique, and when I have sunglasses on I'm like an undercover detective of hilarity.You thought no one saw you pick that wedgie!? HA! I appear to be reading a book, but I totally saw it.  MUAHAHAHA.

Maybe I'm kinda creepy, come to think of it.

On Wednesday, one of my favourite bloggers, Becky, wrote this post about a negative experience on public transit. She lives in New York, so she has to deal with a lot of people on her typical commute, and her post is hilarious and also, she is brave. Awesome.

Tonight (which is Thursday), I wasn't looking forward to my commute at all. Thinking about Becky's experience, and the fact that It's getting mighty cold out there, and it's really dark - I was tired and I just wanted to be home already. But in order to get home, I had to make the trek, so I found myself on the bus, listening to tunes, in my own little world.

The character sitting across from me was very interesting, to say the least. I was a little intimidated, even. A large, muscled dude, he was dressed in head-to-toe gangster-style, from the ice in his ear, to the bling around his neck (since when is bling not a real word, SPELLCHECK?). He was totally into his tunes, with his huge headphones, mouthing the words, and even gesturing wildly with his hands. I figured he was listening to some serious rap, because he was really, really feelin' it.

In between songs on my iPod, I realized that someone was blaring Miley Cyrus. I turned down the volume and looked around, only to discover that gangsta dude was rocking out to the big-toothed singer. His headphones must've been half in the jack of his iphone, because he had no ideas that he was blaring Miley clearly to all the patrons on the bus, while acting like he was Coolio (or someone more tough and badass, but I don't know any real gangsters, and Coolio sang the song so he wins).

Some other Miley-loving man. WHY? WHY!?

The only thing better than discovering that the big scary gangsta sitting across from you is iunknowingly, publicly exposing his adoration for Miss. Cyrus, while trying to look bad ass, is watching the other people around you discover this as well.

It was a fun ride home.

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