Me, I want, a hula hoop

So, it's totally December. Yep. It came. In the past, I would both wishwishwish for December to get here already, and then also wishwishwish that time would slow down because I didn't have any money for gifts, and where was I going to find the time to buy for all the like.. 24 people on my list (for the record - that is a trimmed down number. Three years ago, theGuy and I were buying or 32 people. RIDONK.).

 THIS YEAR, I made a goal for myself, so I'm all shopped and ready to wrap, and that's pretty fantastic, because that means that December is here and I'm all like TRALALALAAAA it's CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME and I can relax and enjoy myself and do fun crafts and doodles because, well, because I can. Stress-free. It's pretty awesome.

And I doodle lots!
(Oh man, I really need to go in and set everything up properly. Blogger changed everything since I built this site, and now all the settings are weird and so, sorry about that)

Really, though, for those who are less prepared for December, I'm not trying to gloat. Trust me, I've so been there.

So this year, I am super excited.  I want to bake! I want to decorate (but need help from theGuy because there are spiders in the basement and I'm too freaked to haul the boxes upstairs because then what if a spider jumps out at me, and then I get scared and hide and then it runs into Pickle's cage and attacks him and I'm a horrible bird-mom because I would sit and watch making a weird high pitched squeal that only comes out when there are weird creepy crawlies around - or when I catch a shoe out of the corner of my eye and swear it's a rat or something, that would not be festive)! I'm going to make PEPPERMINT BARK! I'm going to be a domestic GODDESS and our house is going to smell like sugar and spice and everything nice and the gifts will be wrapped, and the stockings will be hung by the chimney with care, except that we don't have a chimney but that's okay. Basically - I just want to have a super fancy, awesome, wonderful, special Christmas.

Ooooh yeah. Special Christmas. And that's going to take some serious effort after Christmas 2010. This year brings new traditions, once of which I am just sooooo excited about.

I get to spend Christmas morning, casually, splendidly, calmly, easily, languidly basking in the glory of no timelines, no alarm clocks, no agendas... until we pack up and leave town in the afternoon.


Okay - first world problem, but every Christmas in the past we would try to CRAM.GAZILLIONS.OF.THINGS.INTO.ONE.DAY. Seriously. We would take up and already be late to get over to theGuy's mom's house for our Christmas morning. We'd rush though waking up, unwrapping gifts, getting dressed, and getting packed to go away for two days - after rushing  home from work on Christmas Eve to go for dinner and church, as is our very favourite tradition with theGuy's mom. So we'd finally show up as late jerks, all in a tizzy. Then I'd immediately switch gears to the other plans - our friends' mom's open house on Christmas Day. So we'd rush out the door, pop in there for an hour.. and pretty much upon arrival, I would start fretting about how we needed to get on the road to make the two hour drive to get to my Grandma's for Christmas Dinner.

Yeah. Real fun for theGuy. I'm so calm and poised at all times.

So this year, theGuy's mom has bumped her Christmas festivities to the Saturday before Christmas, which means that we have the morning OFF on Christmas Day. And our lovely friends' mom is still hosting the Open House, but I have not committed to making it because that way WE GET TO PLAY IT BY EAR! We get to take our time! It's going to be amazing! As long as we're on the road in time to make it for dinner, we're good to go!

And this is about where my mind starts going a mile a minute and I'm trying to plan new things - like making an elaborate brunch, or inviting over the entire world for Christmas morning, or going for a walk on Christmas Day and the light will shine into the house so softly, and everything will be aglow with snow and the world will be peaceful and the house will be spotless, and it will smell delicious and theGuy and I will smile quietly at each other in our matching robes, and Pickle will wear a Santa hat and PLAN.PLAN.PLAN.

What are your Christmas Day traditions?


  1. This post makes me happy and angry. Happy because a) You didnt have to buy for a billion people
    b) You can have your first Christmas as a married woman, with your husband, nice and some-what relaxed, so much more time for loving
    c)You get to bake (and I LIKE peppermint everything)
    and d) because it reminds me of fond memories we have shared. CENTIPEDES AT DAVID STREET. enough said.

    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - ANGER - because you didnt mention the fact that you get to see your BESTIE christmas and that makes it wayyy better!! ;) hehehehehehheeheh

    1. haha. Omg. Those damn centipedes. I thought of them when writing this post, but decided I didn't want to talk about it because I may have seen a centipede or two in the basement, and the idea of them crawling around makes me want to cancel Christmas and live in a bubble.

      And the excitement of seeing you at Christmas should be a given, Katie!


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