Kenny Rogers Rocked my World.

Oh yeah. You read that correctly. Kenny Rogers Rocked my World.

Although I typically have cutting-edge taste in music (please note the post on Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise and Seal's Kiss From a Rose as evidence of this - you could pretty much classify me as a music snob), once and I while I'll remove my air of superiority, and get jiggy with it, all for the sake of nostalgia. Last weekend was one of those (extremely rare) times.

First, I have to share a secret with you. I am one of the best dancers, in the world. Once I get some red wine into me. I mean, it's kind of insane how much rhythm is up in this shiznat. Again, upon consumption of some red wine. I will bootypop until I drop, and I just know everyone is watching that in awe. They laugh so hard, and I know it's because of the joy I have brought to them with my dope moves. My signature moves are often one-of-a-kind. No one can mimic the flail of my super long arms. It's how I roll, and.. whew! It feels so good to get that off my chest.

Now, the reason I'm the best dancer in the world is because I'm not limited to one type of dance. Jazz, hip hop, ballroom, interpretive, ballet... baby, I can groove. I took like, 4 classes of ballet in Kindergarten and that was all the training I needed for all genres. I'm like the prodigal Queen of Dance. Which brings me to Saturday's experience, and why Kenny Rogers rocked my world.

You know my gorgeous friend, Jules? Well, that girl knows how to host a party. Her party was the first of the Christmas parties, named, appropriately, Chrischtmas Dansching (we bust out the James Last for some polka action). Julie's parties are known for their dancibility, and this one was no different.

After some spirited consumption of wine and meatballs, I found myself downstairs, in the 'Club', with about 6 other people. When I heard Kenny come on, singing Raindrops on Roses, I knew it was time for my solo act. 
This song has been stuck in my head ever since, so I had to draw it!
 So I got my groove on. I was twirling around, leaping through the air.. I had my dancing shoes on and they were on FIRE. I'm an extremely humble person (obviously), but knew my audience would give me a standing ovation. It was magnificent.

And when I closed my eyes, turned around and took a grand bow, with a curtsey tucked at the end, there was total silence. I knew it. I'd rendered them speechless.

Upon opening my eyes, I realized they'd all left. I'd danced them out of the room. I was that girl. And one of the audience members was my husband, so what does that say about my skillz? So, maybe they aren't quite what I thought they were.

I made the best of it, and had a fantastic dance party by myself to Kenny and Dolly and it was a riot. Plus, when Jules came downstairs, I put Raindrops on Roses back on and we had one of the most skilled and seemingly-choreographed dance parties of life. And then we chair danced to Britney. And then I knew that I'm still the best dancer in the world, and so is Jules, and there's nothing more magnificent than dancing with a partner who knows how to shake it like a Polaroid picture.


  1. Patti!!!! That was an epic moment in dance, if you ask me!! A memory that will last a lifetime! HAHAHA
    And so all the peeps out there know, she does have killer moves! And I dare anyone to try to keep up with her madness!

    1. We seem to have a lot of those dance parties, Jules! Thanks for the memories! :)

  2. This brings back all the greates tmemories of Julie's kick ass parties! THE STRIP POLE. It's where the Canadian Bacon was born - and NOW LOOK AT IT! Not to mention this brings so much joy to my life because I could actually visualize you dancing your life away and owning the world. You realize everyone left the room because they were so intimidated by your flails, they know you've got it.
    NO DOUBT, you do.


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