Superstorm Sandy

To those of you who are affected negatively by Hurricane Sandy (now downgraded to Superstorm Sandy), I'm sending positive vibes your way. Nature can be such an angry, destructive thing when it wants to be, and I understand the devastation from this hurricane is great.

On the plus side - hello New Yorkers! You guys sure know how to stick together and overcome. Holla at you! Tough as nails.

In Southern Ontario, we were told we'd feel the effects of the storm as well, with waves of up to 6 meters high on the Great Lakes. For once, I was glad that my town is landlocked.

The winds last night were pretty incredible. Force-air-down-your-windpipe, strong. Power was knocked out in many parts of town, and, since we live a few blocks from the main hydro station in town, I felt so bad for the hydro guys who were driving past my house all night long. It must've been a loongggg night for them.

TheGuy is a very enthusiastic weather-watcher.

He so badly wants to see a tornado; I think it's an illness. The idea of experiencing hurricane-like conditions definitely piqued his interest.

He was totally engrossed in all things hurricane on Sunday, and yesterday, too. I would get his very excited (and technical) updates every chance he got. I learned what a surge was, I learned how hurricanes work. I learned about cold fronts and tropical storms, and how large the diameter of the hurricane was.

See? I don't have to watch the weather. I married my very own weatherman.

So, last night, after a lot of speculation about what could happen ("Hail the size of baseballs! Trees down! Flooding! Broken windows. 100 km winds, Patti. 100 km winds! Waves SIX METERS TALL, PATTI! SIX METERS!"), we were both pretty excited. Nervous and excited. I had my candles ready, he had his car kit all stocked up and ready to go. We were prepared. We were ready to get our storm-watch on (this is one of our favourite things to do. Big storm in the summer? We're the ones sitting on our porch, watching).

It was interesting to watch the trees. The wind was certainly powerful, but nothing here really happened (thankfully). This meant it was tough to fall asleep, as our minds were racing with all that could've happened. Finally, I drifted into a peaceful (cosy) slumber.

At 12:30, I abruptly awoke to a very loud crash and the sound of shattering glass.

TheGuy JUMPED out of bed and said "Tree's down!" and ran to the window.

I ran around in blind panic.

It was my neighbour's recycling blowing over.

Scared me silly. I couldn't get back to sleep.

So today, I'm appreciating that our "exciting" incident of the storm led to a laugh. We are the lucky ones!

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  1. Bahahahah! I love this post! We're always searching for excitement!


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