I am continually learning that sometimes things that seem not so okay to start with turn out way better in the end.

You know how it is? You have a day which is totally the pits, but then due to a whack of strange things happening, it ends up being one of the best days of your life?

Okay, that hasn't happened to me, either, really, but I am surprised all the time at how things that seem like it was a waste of time, or a setback, can turn around to be super awesome. I really believe that everything happens for a reason, though sometimes it's hard to see it at the time!

When I first moved out on my own, there were a series of unfortunate events that clouded a couple years worth of time and left me very, very broke. I was in my mid-twenties, underpaid, undervalued and under the influence   (I had to come up with another 'under') trying very hard to stay afloat.

But I did. Largely with the support of theGuy (he is absolutely my best cheerleader ever). We did get through it together. And when I moved out into my own place, all by myself, without a roommate, without two pennies to rub together (why would people rub two pennies together, anyway? It would make your fingers smell like pennies and if you ask me, that's gross. Also, have you ever accidentally handled a penny for two long and then somehow put your finger up to your mouth or something? The is disgusting on so many levels!), oh MAN did I have perspective.

I was broke as a joke. But it was all mine. It was all, all mine (the apartment, that is - just thought you might have been distracted by my penny rant). Though I didn't have a lot, I reveled in the fact that my colander was red and awesome looking. I collected teas so that I could entertain guests and have something to offer them (tea is cheap, people!). I bought a TV for ten dollars and to me, it was the fanciest thing, ever. I loved my home, I loved my friends, and I was happy. Struggling? Definitely. Happy? Absolutely.

So now, in the beginning of my 30s, I'm so happy to say that, due to the unfortunate events, due to things not going the way that I wanted them, because I struggled and because I did without and appreciated the great things I did have - I believe all that crap was worth it.

It was hard, sure, but I toughed through it and totally had the strength to do it, and now - though we're definitely not wealthy, and not quite comfortable financially, life is great, and it's extra awesome because I appreciate the littlest things that I probably wouldn't have appreciated if it weren't for the struggle! I feel totally rich because I can afford cold medication when I have a cold (although I don't know why I used this example because I can't really use cold medication. Makes me too stoned and sketchy). It makes me super happy that I was able to save last year and didn't put Christmas on a credit card. These things that may seem so little and insignificant make me smile in such a huge way.

And that's why I believe everything happens for a reason.

On that note, though totally silly in comparison to this big message I am trying to get across (and funnily enough, this is what I meant to write about but then I got sidetracked and started talking like Oprah).. so.. I was griping and groaning about my failed pesto attempt in this post, I decided to give it a spin last week and you know what? It was delicious! The recipe required half of the finished batch of pesto, but it was totally tasty, and I felt fancy knowing I'd made it from basil in the garden! I'm not saying I'd make it again, but it was pretty delicious!

Presto! Pesto!
 And now I feel like one of those weird people who posts pictures of everything they eat on their blogs. Why do people do that? It just serves to make me hungry, and I don't really enjoy feeling hungry. It also serves to make me feel inadequate in the kitchen. I promise I will never do that to you, dear reader. If I can make it, you can make it, my friends. Promise!

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