Loco for Logos

I've been digging through the work I've done in the last year or so, and keep finding projects I'd forgotten I'd done! Not sure whether that's a good thing or not - does that mean that they were bad to begin with? Forgettable? Or does it simply mean that I have been a busy beaver!?

Grouplex is another real estate logo, which is centered around the thought of community in realty. Community and communication in any complex is the feeling we wanted to get across. The typeface is a part of the current branding for my client, so it was up to me to make it work with an 'icon' in a clean, modern way.

This was born:

Oops - it's a pretty small logo - I've been on a rampage, uploading selections of my work to LogoPond, so I just used that graphic - it'll do!

Sometimes it is the most fantastic job in the entire universe, being a graphic designer. Absolutely amazing. This was one of those projects - the client and I get along super great and have very similar visions - it's always a pleasure!

Happy Tuesday!

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