Oh, hello Monday

A two year old drawing of mine which will never go out of style
So, it's Monday. What a stupid day. Who invented those, anyway?

Awesome time with some fabulous girls last weekend. I made new friends, and they're fabulous. There's just nothing like getting a bunch of girls together, especially when not everyone knows each other. Women are just so interesting, I think. We asked questions, learned about each other.. I feel like I spilled my whole life's story. It was fantastic.

In true girly style, we had wayyy too much food, but man was it ever good!? Isn't it funny how girls are so organized and plan and spend time thinking about the food they're going to make, when dudes can simply toss in a pack of RedHot hotdogs and call it a day? The benefit of that is that we wayy over prepared (haha! Same as how I packed my bag for the weekend - curling wand wasn't really a necessity for a cottage weekend) and I think I left with more than I arrived with!

We chatted about how different men and women are, and not in a derogatory way, but in a "wow, let's try to understand how different men and women are! Like.. how often men can't multi-task the way we can, but how men also seem to be able to NOT FRET about EVERYTHING! It was very enlightening, and I think I may like theGuy even more now, knowing that he's just acting as he has been genetically made up (although that doesn't excuse him for not doing the dishes!).

What differences have you noticed between men and women? Be nice! I think it's interesting and informative to discover how the opposite gender ticks. A lot of us pair up and share our lives with that weird, elusive, opposite gender - wouldn't it be great if we understood them more?!

Happy Monday!

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