"I'm going to the Jersey Shore, b!tch!"

I am hooked on MTV's reality tv show, Jersey Shore. If you have missed out on seeing this hilarious show that follows guidos and guidettes in their summer in a Shore House on the Jersey Shore, you are missing one the first pop culture smashes of the decade!

If you want to learn a little more about it, check out Conan's Introduction of two of my favourite cast members!!

Oh, hilarity. These are people you have to watch - in the beginning the tanning beds that one member owns in his house to keep "fresh", seems a little overkill - but as you watch this show, you begin to love each one of these tanned, polished and gelled Italians!

Hope you like my artwork for today's daily design challenge, all elements were hand-drawn by myself, scanned in and redrawn in illustrator. I really need a wacom tablet!

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