Jonesing for Jones

No soft drink is cooler than Jones Soda. That's just the way they roll. The cult-following that Jones has fostered creates an illusion of scarcity - my memories of Jones Soda is that finding it in a store was like finding a treasure on a never-ending scavenger hunt! "Look guys! They have Jones!" At that point, we would each pick out and discuss our favourite colour - and then, those who could afford it (usually the ones with part time jobs), would purchase theirs, holding it openly, as it had now become an accessory, establishing coolness in the drinker.

Maybe that was just my friends and I, but Jones Soda always had a unique flair that we identified with. The photos on the front were quirky, flipping the lid to see your "fortune", Jones created an experience for their consumers. And they continue to do so with the new Jones Jumble. The "mixoligist" at Jones has mixed different flavours of their exising product together to create the "Jones Jumble" flavour, similar to the swamp juice of fountain pop machines. Users are encouraged to guess what four flavours have been combined to create this jumble! The awesome graphics of the wrap were created by Super Big Creative. I think they're very current; yet fresh and new. I love the colours and the boldness of the label. Great work!

And I haven't posted for a while, well, no one really reads this anyway - so I figured I could go on hiatus. This bottle wrap really just jumped out and smacked me on the face, so I kinda had to be like "look at this" and blogs are soapboxes, so there you go!


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  1. i cannot look at these without getting the super mario brothers 1 song in my head. :) and i kinda love that a lot. nice find!


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